Natural Beaded Rows Extensions were created in Laguna Beach California by Danielle White. This method is the most trusted extension on the market because there are less points of contact than any other type of extension, which means, less to no damage to the natural hair. There is no tape, no glue, and no mess when it comes to NBR. Find out if NBR is right for you. 

Why are Natural Beaded Rows the most natural looking hair extensions? 

Natural Beaded Rows are sewn-in beaded rows customized to each clients needs. Multiple pieces of extension hair are custom colored and sewn onto a row using a bead and thread. The custom color of the extensions hair and the clients hair is what makes Natural Beaded Rows seamless on each clients head. Natural Beaded rows are less damaging than any other extension method because there is NO glue, NO tape, NO mess when removing, and there are LESS points of contact on the head, which ensures less damage. 

I NEVER thought that I would do extensions, let alone wear them. I know that sounds crazy, but i hated that every other method did not give the fullness that extensions need in order to make them look real. Don't you hate that?? When you are walking around and the girl in front of you is wearing extensions, and you can see her wefts in the hair, or it just looks like a sheet of hair laying in her head? Or is that just me?! With NBR, each client has enough hair to cut into, in order to blend into the natural hair. Not to mention, it gives you the ability to still wear your hair up, brush through without snagging a tab, and still manages to hide seamlessly in your hair. How can anyone say no to that?! These extensions are meant for all hair types. Fine hair, thick hair, medium hair. They are customized for YOU. 

Are you ready to join the NBR family? Let's get you started. Fill out this application, and see if NBR is the best fit for you. 

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