All new clients are considered color corrections because I am changing the pattern, the color, and working over someone else's work. As a new client, you can expect to invest $250+ on your transformation. This may be a one time cost if the goal of your hair is reached in that first appointment. However, if your goal is not met, it may require several transformation appointments depending on what your goal is. Once your goal is met, you will only need maintenance appointments to keep your color refreshed. 

At this time I am only accepting new clients with NBR installs. I apologize for any inconvenience this may bring to you.



BAR xx

I have recently created a new part of BCstyling that I think you will love. We call it the Wash&Style Bar. I mean, who doesn't love getting their hair washed and is there anyone in the world who actually likes blowdrying their hair?! I didn't think so. So the solution became the Wash&Style Bar. This is a monthly membership for anyone who loves the convenience and luxury of that "just out of the salon" look. The monthly membership is an automatic payment that can be cancelled at any time. There is no hassle, no contracts, just pure convenience. To find out more info, or to set up your montly membership, TEXT 661-404-3573. 

pricing xx

With Extensions xx

2 per month $100

4 per month $220

Without Extensions

2 per month $80

4 per month $150